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Who we are

The HHO Central Heating System is a patented invention of Rob van Veldhoven and Richard Wisse, producers of the Maxxlube HHO Fuel Cell Systems for cars and trucks (www.maxxlube-automotive.eu). The patent (invention) is contributed into a new corporation HHO Heating Systems BV, a Dutch registered corporation.

Just after we developed & produced our first functioning HHO cell we started experimenting with the idea to use this technology to produce HHO gas for heating our workshop facilities’. After months of Testing and experimenting with many explosions later we knew this was not the way to go!. A HHO fuel cell just does not produce enough gas and uses far too much energy (electricity).

We had to use a complete different technology and started developing a functional plasma burner that didn’t need the usual gasses like argon or alcohol. Our goal was a plasma burner using water only as a fuel and producing steam to accelerate the flame. After many months of head scratching and testing we succeeded.

In November 2012 we finally had the first effective working central heating system with an adjustable burner using only water for fuel. We applied for a patent and tested the system for 2 winter months (December and January) without finding any problems.

At present we are ready for cooperation with a large International manufacturer with worldwide distribution. It is our goal to install our system in every household in the world.