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No more bills for natural gas or heating Oil

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Is this a safe system?

Yes, our HHO Central Heating System is 100% safe. The HHO gas produced by the burner is used immediately, no gas will be stored. When the system is shut down, the burner will only contain water.

What are the energy costs?

The HHO Central Heating System will save you more than 75% on energy costs (based on Dutch Energy Prices) compared to modern High efficiency natural gas systems. Our system uses maximum 100ml of water per hour and maximum 1,4KW electricity per hour (at full capacity). Installing solar panels on your house will make you 100% energy independent.

When will the system be for sale?

This depends on the timeframe in which we will find a solid partner to start the production. Our system is applicable worldwide; a solid International production partner is of the essence for us.

What will be the price?

The exact sales price cannot be determined yet. It is our goal that the client will earn back its investment within 2 years.